NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — According to the CDC, North Dakota has some of the highest rates of binge drinking and major depression.

23% of North Dakotans binge drink every day and 25% have mental health disorders.

Trinity Hospitals and partners have created a path to online therapy programs that help reduce these issues.

Since the pandemic, mental health issues and binge drinking have skyrocketed.

Trinity Health has partnered with Orexo offering Deprexis and Vorvida, developed to help patients manage depression and excessive drinking.

“We started using some of these products through this company with our own employees during COVID when they were experiencing some of their own issues. We found it to be very beneficial to our own employees and very beneficial to the community at large,” said Tom Warsocki, vice president of Physician Services for Trinity Hospital.

Deprexis is a 90-day online program that can help people create more positive thoughts and behaviors.

The program adapts to the responses of the user, giving a personal experience that is similar to in-person therapy.

Vorvida is also a personalized online program developed to reduce drinking in 180 days.

The program helps people identify triggers and break negative behaviors.

“It’s smart technology. It’s an algorithm that responds based on your input into it. So, when I go through the program, the experience is going to be totally different for me than it would be for anybody else going through it,” explained Dr. Jeffery Sather, the Physician Medical Director for Trinity Hospital.

As people interact with the program, it adapts to habits, challenges, and personal goals to provide an individualized experience.

Trinity Health is at the forefront of tackling two of the toughest health challenges facing millions of Americans who live in smaller communities across the country.

“We’re going to work very hard on both of those fronts to provide education about the service that Trinity has for depression and problem drinking. And we want to see that depression severity go down in the area and we really want to tackle the binge drinking and do our best to make that move in a negative direction,” said Dennis Urbaniak, executive vice president of Digital Therapeutics for Orexo.

Experts say they believe programs like these will make a difference in the current mental health epidemic.

The programs are accepted by most medical insurance companies, including Medicaid and Medicare.

There is also a payment plan option for patients with no insurance.