(KXNET) — New Year, New You? As we reported last month, a lot of people kick off the new year by going to the gym.

And as we’ve seen in our region, more gyms are popping up. This is a great sign for our up-and-coming workout industry.

The pandemic affected many when it came to fitness, with all gyms shutting down. Now, with gyms opening back up and even more businesses opening up across the state, the business has been booming.

Even the YMCA in Minot is seeing a rise in members. In January alone, they saw 215 new members. The new year sees a spike in numbers, but there are other times the fitness industry sees a boom as well.

“In the fall when everybody is coming back from summer vacation,” explained the Minot YMCAs Mission Advancement Director Tia Huber. “They are ready to stay out of the cold, and they come back. It’s a little busier around the fall time frame.”

Lots of gyms offer group classes, personal trainers, and CrossFit courses — but all gyms in our region say they are for everyone and all levels, which is what makes them successful.

One Bismarck gym not only provides a lot of equipment for everyone but also makes the setting as comfortable as possible.

“You can also ask anyone in the gym,” said Bismarck Anytime Fitness’s Manager Anna Baumgartner. “We’ve never had a mean member. We’re more like a family, and members treat each other the same way.”

The pandemic took over our lives when the gym shut down. Now, gyms are trying to create a warm setting for everyone to feel comfortable in again — and the best way to do this is by boosting attendance and making sure they can reach as many people as possible.

“We do have member challenges throughout the year,” explained Huber. “Members can compete against each other, and it helps create that community at the Y that people really come to enjoy. They come to see their friends.”

Earning a New You might not be as challenging as you think. Getting to the gym doesn’t have to be hard, but it’s a great chance to make friends and get healthy either way.