NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — Agriculture experts are warning farmers of a new insect that could harm soybean crops in the state.

The larvae are called Gall Midges and typically eat away at the stem of the plant which will ultimately kill the crop.

Experts say the first clue of an infestation is by looking at the bottom two inches of the soybean plant, if it turns black or becomes brittle, then you have a problem.

If farmers come across that, they should take out the plant, and cut the root to look for the bright orange larva.

The new insects have been reported in six states, including South Dakota and Minnesota, but so far, they have not been reported in North Dakota yet.

“Right now it’s so new that it hasn’t been detected here. So, first thing is, we want to make sure we can actually come out and confirm that’s what it is. That agent or specialist will work with you to figure out what steps we need to take. There are some insecticides that are available. But a lot of them are still being tested in the soybean belt because this is so new,” said Travis Prochaska, a Crop Protection Specialist at the NDSU Extension Research Center.

If there is an infestation of Gall Midges, it should be reported to a local Research Extension Center.