(KXNET) — As temperatures rise, more families will start to head to the water. Whether it’s pool basketball, a game of marco polo, or a simple swim, safety should be a top priority.

With summer swimsuit shopping season among us, knowing what to buy for your little ones is crucial. Especially when it comes to the color of the bathing suit.

Experts share that one color specifically has been crossed off the list.

“An instructor that put a TikTok out and basically everyone’s been into it so bright swimsuit colors are going to be able to help you see your child under the water so we’re really trying to make people know that we want children in bright swimsuits because you can spot them faster,” said Certified ISR Instructor, Dana Nagle. 

A light or dark blue swimsuit can easily blend in the water. This can make finding your little one very difficult.

Whether it’s in oceans, pools, or a lake, bright suits are the go-to.

“We want you to think like stop signs, cones like that bright yellow, bright red, bright orange. What is easily eye-catching is going to be easier to spot your child,” said Nagle.

“That is something that I recently have taken into consideration within the last couple of years. Today my son is wearing more blue colors but this summer we definitely got some bright yellows, and bright oranges which will help to make it a little bit more visible, and when we’re camping like at the lake and the river,” said Bismarck mom, Elizabeth McGillivary.

Nagle says eyes should be on your child at all times. You can take turns with a partner or friend, but keeping track of your child is your number one water play priority, no matter the age.

“The quicker you can spot your child the easier you’re going to be able to find them in an aquatic emergency, in a busy pool, just anywhere,” said Nagle.

Taking every aspect into consideration and providing the most safety for your child is the goal behind the no blue suit initiative.

It’s important to also know how well your child can swim. If he or she is still a beginner, you should have them in a flotation suit or with a flotation device. And if your kids wear a life jacket, make sure it fits them properly.