(KXNET) — You know the words by heart, but state lawmakers were largely mixed on a Pledge of Allegiance bill on Wednesday.

House Bill 1172 says that the governor, a person in charge or an employee can’t change the words in the pledge.

That bill passed by seven votes in the state senate.

This bill is one of two pledge of allegiance proposals by state lawmakers this session.

“The majority of the committee was adamant in their support of the pledge in its current version,” Sen. Jeff Barta said. “However, we felt this bill was a bit redundant and not necessary given it is already codified at the federal level.”

The other bill, House Bill 1120, says that before school board and other public meetings, board members must be given an opportunity to stand and recite the pledge.

That bill passed both chambers, but is now back in the House to consider the amendments.