(KXNET) — A data survey suggests the total amount of medical debt owed by North Dakotans is among the lowest in the nation.

According to the results compiled by online medication service NiceRx, North Dakotans owe about $61 million in total medical debt, the second lowest among the states.

That comes out to an average of $1,551 per North Dakotan.

The lowest is in Vermont, with people there owing $42 million in total medical debt.

Texans owe the most at roughly $15 billion in medical debt, or an average of $2,556 per person.

It’s worth noting that the top four states with the lowest medical debt are also among the lowest-populated states, which would play a key role in the comparisons of total debt per state.

What is interesting in the data survey are the breakdowns in various survey categories:

  • Nationwide, people ages 45 to 54, as a group, have the highest percentage of people owing medical debt than any other age category, at 21 percent.
  • At the same time, people 75 and older, as a group, owe the most in medical debt, with an nationwide average of $17,510.

You can read the complete data survey, along with its methodology, here.