Memorial Day weekend is upon us and one thing North Dakotans love to do is camp.

And this holiday, you can expect to see a lot of campers on the road and at campsites around the state.

With the North Dakota camping restrictions being lifted and winter finally out of the way, it will be hard to find a campsite that isn’t packed.

It’s not just tents and poles either. RV sales are up and families are looking to the open road for some much-needed relaxation.

“We definitely have seen a spike; we have seen a spike for the last two years. This year being no exception to the rule, people are ready for summer and ready to get out there. Sales are great, stock is abundant,” said Keith Howell, a salesman at Capital RV.

According to a new data analysis from Pattern, consumer demand for camping gear this spring is up 35 percent compared to 2020.

RV rentals are also up around the country, including here in North Dakota.