NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — North Dakota farmers can expect a good crop this year.

With nearly 90 percent of North Dakota being farms and ranches, according to the North Dakota Department of Agriculture, it’s safe to say that North Dakota relies on its farmers and ranchers.

And with the drought no longer a factor, farmers are confident that this year’s harvest will be substantial.

“All the profit margins I guess look pretty fair this year. Canola looks good, wheat’s looking good. As far as years past, I guess there’s a lot more inputs this year than other years, with prices of things being higher. Fuel, fertilizer, chemicals, all of it’s up to,” said farmer Andrew Bertsch.

The input prices rising may be a con but the upcoming weather looks to be a perk, as small grain crops are starting to enter the reproductive stage.

However, what could be detrimental is if areas keep receiving heavy hail.

“It beats up the plants and so it basically renders most of our crops none productive when they go through a hail storm,” said NDSU Research Agronomist Eric Eriksmoen.

Eriksmoen says to continue to monitor crops.

The research center has yet to notice any disease or insect issues, as for livestock, water is still an issue.

“I mean there’s lots of grass this year it seems like but as far as water-wise, already seeing issues that we didn’t have enough snow or enough moisture last year that the dugouts never really did fill up,” said Bertsch.

Bertsch says hay, on the other hand, looks really good and that there should not be a problem there.

If the good weather keeps up crops such as peas, soybean and canola, are all predicted to produce a good yield this year.