NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — This week, state legislators are considering a plan to use a $125 million loan to invest in a fertilizer project in North Dakota, and the North Dakota Farmers Union is backing the idea.

House Bill 1546 would create a fertilizer development fund of up to $125 million.

The goal is to build a plant that can develop nitrogen in North Dakota or Canada.

The idea was previously passed as part of the OMB bill earlier this year but was then rejected by the State Supreme Court.

Farmers Union spokespeople say the plant is still years out but would benefit farmers around the state.

“Well to retain to we got some interest and that interest may fade away if we don’t, so retaining it might continue us down a path of getting the process moving, and it will take a while to construct and the sooner we can get something available it will help ranchers farmers and everyone that uses nitrogen fertilizer,” said Mark Watne, the President of North Dakota Farmers Union.

Right now, state lawmakers argue that the U.S. imports much of its fertilizer from Russia and China.