(KXNET) — The Labor Day weekend may be coming to a close and fall may be looming ahead, but that doesn’t mean your opportunities for outdoor activity are any less.

According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, North Dakota is home to 74 wildlife refuges and management districts — the most of any state.

That doesn’t mean we lead the nation in total wildlife acreage — that honor goes to Alaska. While it has only 11 wildlife refuges, it has more acreage in the system than any other state.

So, North Dakota has the most in number while Alaska has the most in size.

Here are five of the more popular wildlife refuges in North Dakota, according to ND Tourism:

  • Lostwood National Wildlife Refuge: Rolling hills mantled in short-grass and mixed grass prairie interspersed with numerous wetlands in the highly productive prairie pothole region that produces more ducks than any other region in the lower 48 states.
  • Arrowwood National Wildlife Refuge: Made up of lakes, marshes, prairie grasslands, wooded coulees and cultivated fields. Managed primarily to attract waterfowl during migration periods, but also contains excellent habitat for ducks, geese, grebes and shore birds, along with many other forms of wildlife.
  • Chase Lake National Wildlife Refuge: Established as one of the country’s first wildlife refuges in 1908 by executive order of President Theodore Roosevelt. An important habitat for the native American White Pelican.
  • Audubon National Wildlife Refuge: Thousands of waterfowl, sandhill cranes and shorebirds pass through the refuge during spring and fall migration. The refuge is home to 243 bird, mammal, five reptile, four amphibian and 37 fish species.
  • Tewaukon National Wildlife Refuge: Offers many recreational opportunities for people who love the outdoors. Activities to enjoy include hunting, fishing, bird watching and wildlife photography.

A longer list of wildlife refuges and management districts in North Dakota is here.

You can also locate them using an interactive North Dakota map here.