NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — Our state prides itself on offering opportunities to everyone, which is why our state holds one of the best employment rates in the country.

According to the Bureau of Labor Services, North Dakota has the second lowest unemployment rate behind Utah.

However, the Job Service North Dakota office says a majority of those unemployed in our state are seasonal workers.

“Construction, whether it’s building, or it’s road construction, those types of positions are being laid off for the season because it’s kind of hard to lay concrete in the middle of wintertime here in North Dakota,” said Workforce Center Manager, Susan Ogurek.

Even with the low unemployment rates, our state is still struggling to fill spots in the workforce.

In December of 2022, North Dakota had over 16,000 job openings.

Of those job openings, more than 50% required either a high school diploma or equivalent or no educational credentials.

“We’ve got a lot of employers that are willing to train too. You come in with no experience and they’re willing to train you. We’ve had lots of conversations with employers about that, willing to take on someone that maybe doesn’t have the typical experience they’re looking for, but again, they’re willing to train someone,” added Ogurek.

A lot of the time, those who are unemployed, are only unemployed because they don’t give themselves enough credit and feel that they aren’t fit for an opening.

“A lot of the time we downplay our skills and our abilities, and talking to one of our employment advisors in our resource room can help them see, I have a lot to offer. Well maybe I do have a little bit of experience in that, it just wasn’t my job title,” stated Ogurek.

Often times Ogurek says people who walk through the job services doors, although it may not be the same day, leave with an employment opportunity.

The jobs are available for everyone on unemployment, you simply have to apply.

In February, Job Service North Dakota will host a virtual job fair, that will be open to anyone nationwide.

For more information on this job fair, visit the Job Service North Dakota website.