NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — On August 19, the North Dakota Highway Patrol (NDHP) got a donation of 23 dozen “Tommy Moose” plush dolls.

According to the NDHP, the Nodak Moose Legion donated them, and the effort was put together by the Junior Past President of the Nodak 42 Moose Legion, Steve Foley.

The program helps kids overcome fears and anxiety during times of stress.

The plush dolls are donated to law enforcement, fire, and other emergency workers who give them to kids who are in traumatic situations.

In addition, the character has grown to personify happiness, safety, and security through personal appearances, books, and children’s goods.

During frightening times or stressful situations, NDHP will have the Tommy Moose plush dolls available for kids.

“Thanks to the Nodak 42 Moose Legion, the highway patrol will continue to provide professional services to the public by handing out a Tommy Moose to children in need,” said Major Tom Iverson.