(KXNET) — Several hot-button bills were brought to the house floor on Monday afternoon discussing abortion in North Dakota.

During the day, House lawmakers passed Senate Bill 2181 — which would add a little over $2 million to provide public assistance to pregnant women who live in North Dakota throughout the term of their pregnancy, however, was Senate Bill 2150, otherwise known as the ‘heartbeat bill’.

The bill could potentially charge a doctor or a person performing an abortion with a ‘C’ felony, and could even apply if a doctor aborts a baby who’s found to have a detectable heartbeat or a genetic disability.

The law does not apply if the mother’s life is in danger from potential childbirth.

“The thing that we can never lose focus is that life does begin at conception,” said Representative Dan Ruby.

“Well, this is a 100% certainty that Senate bill 2150 will end up right back in court,” explained Grand Forks Representative Zachary Ista. “That means we have a 100% certainty of incurring additional litigation expenses to defend this bill, and we could even be on the hook to pay costs and attorney fees to those we know will challenge this law.”

The bill passed on Monday by a vote of 76-14. The house also passed Senate Bill 2129 which gives $1 million to the Department of Health to set up the ‘Alternatives to Abortion Program.’