(KXNET) — North Dakota is the first state in the nation to approve legislation requiring cybersecurity education.

“This is a historic first-in-nation piece of legislation that’s going to benefit North Dakota’s schools, students, families in our institutions,” said Governor Doug Burgum.

Governor Burgum signed into law House Bill 1398 which requires the teaching of computer science and cybersecurity and the integration of these content standards into the classrooms of K-12 grade.

“Cybersecurity is one of the most pressing issues we have in North Dakota,” said Gov. Burgum.

Governor Burgum says we now live in a world where information no longer only comes from books. As soon as children are born, they are surrounded by technology.

“All of that creates opportunity, but it also creates risk. And having an understanding of both the power and potential but also the challenges of technology is the key to what cyber education is,” said Burgum.

Work on House Bill 1398 started back in 2015 when the Department of Public Instruction formed a working group of legislators and other stakeholders to craft a vision for K-12 education’s computer science and cybersecurity instructional needs.

“Our vision is to integrate and underscore the importance of computer science and cybersecurity instruction into the classes our students take as they move through our K-12 system,” said Kirsten Baesler, North Dakota School Superintendent.

The Governor has shown his support for cyber security by encouraging the younger generation to pursue and embrace the world of computer science. He has promoted events such as CyberMadness tournaments and Girls Go Cyberstart competitions in North Dakota’s schools. Now he has signed a bill that will help equip future leaders and teachers to navigate the ever-evolving world of technology.

“This bill is truly rewriting the narrative for students, for teachers, and for the leaders of today and tomorrow. Our students are already working hard to make our state better and to solve the problems that the world is facing,” said Zoey Bundy, a senior at Davies High School.

And our older generation has a chance to learn about cyber security as well. Any North Dakota resident can take online classes in cybersecurity, networking, programming, and more so that they may also have the skills and tools to live in a cyber world.