BISMARCK, ND (KXNET) — The list of associations opposed to the legalization of recreational marijuana (Measure 2) continues to grow in the state, with law enforcement associations topping the list.

According to a news release from Healthy and Productive North Dakota, the North Dakota Sheriff’s and Deputies Association, the North Dakota Police Chief’s Association, and the North Dakota Peace Officers Association have joined together with the North Dakota Farmers Union, the North Dakota Farm Bureau, the Greater North Dakota Chamber, the North Dakota Petroleum Council, the Lignite Energy Council and the North Dakota Catholic Council to raise awareness of the harmful effects the legalization of recreational marijuana has already had in other states and are encouraging North Dakota voters to vote against the measure.

“When you look at other states with legal recreational marijuana it’s easy to see the detrimental impacts it has caused. Legalized marijuana increases crime, increases DUIs, and increases illegal drug trafficking of harder drugs,” explains Burleigh County Sherriff Kelly Leben. “In fact, with more users, illegal sales increase, not decrease. 80% of California marijuana sales are on the black market.”

North Dakota voters will get a chance to decide how they feel about the measure come Election Tuesday on November 8.