(KXNET) — A North Dakota lawmaker is proposing a new plan to try and keep out-of-state investments from trying to influence North Dakota politics.

House Bill 1452 would create what’s known as a ‘foreign influence tax fund’.

Representative Mike Motschenbacher says the proposed law would tax all out-of-state contributions at 90% if they’re being spent to try and support or oppose an initiated measure in North Dakota.

Motschenbacher says any funds collected from the contributions would be spent on North Dakota veterans or school lunch programs.

“I don’t think that North Dakota dollars should be outweighed by out-of-state interests that have millions and millions of dollars in the coffers that can afford to spend it,” Rep. Motschenbacher said. “The other thing is the constitution of North Dakota is so easy to change. Because, all you need to do is get a few signatures, get it on the ballot, and get it passed with a 50% plus one margin.”

On Tuesday, the bill was considered by the house finance and taxation committee.