NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — Right now, North Dakota lawmakers are looking at what’s required when people show up to vote.

Senate Bill 2157 would allow people to show a valid passport as proof of citizenship at the polls.

A spokesperson from North Dakota’s American Civil Liberties Union testified on Thursday after they found some voters had been turned away at a Cass County precinct in 2020.

The state department of transportation said it ended up being a computer glitch which was corrected.

Right now, North Dakota is the only state in the country that doesn’t require voter registration. But voters are able to show a valid ID or a birth certificate at the polls.

“I grew up as a resident of this North Dakota being very proud of how easy voting is,” Cody Schuler said. “It feels that maybe we’re moving toward a de-facto voter registration system if we’re relying on the DOT and these processes that are being put in place.”

“As I read the bill, it’s providing more options, but I don’t think it’s taking any away,” Senator Bob Paulson said.

So far, the bill is still being held in committee while more information is gathered.