(KXNET) — This winter, North Dakota lawmakers have been drafting laws they say will protect boys and girls in schools.

One new proposal is urging schools and public places to recognize differences between the sexes to protect safety and privacy.

Known as the ‘women’s bill of rights’, House Concurrent Resolution 3010 defines biological differences between men and women. It also says when talking about sex, that the word ‘equal’ doesn’t mean same or identical, and that separate doesn’t mean unequal.

Lawmakers supporting the resolution say the separation protects the sexes in places like bathrooms and locker rooms.

“This resolution will push gender advocates to be transparent about their objectives and persuade the public,” Representative SuAnn Olson said, “not simply impose their will through a linguistic sleight of hand.”

“At least one-quarter of LGBTQ youth report experiencing bullying at school because of an actual or perceived disability,” said Rachel Sinness, who is with the North Dakota Protection and Advocacy.

Currently, the resolution is still under consideration by the House Human Services Committee.