(KXNET) — A few North Dakota lawmakers say putting the pedal to the floor doesn’t mean you can outrun a ticket.

Fargo State Senator Merrill Piepkorn wrote Senate Bill 2348 in an effort to penalize drivers who won’t pull over when being directed to do so by police, troopers, and sheriff’s deputies.

The bill would give officers three days to write a ticket for a traffic offense and then four days to deliver or mail the ticket to the suspected driver.

Senator Piepkorn says in some city jurisdictions, many drivers simply won’t pull over because they know some departments are told not to pursue.

“It just will reduce incidences of the high-speed chases going through town and increase safety, while ramping up enforcement of the situation so it’s kind of a win-win deal,” Sen. Piepkorn said.

The law would not apply to drivers who had their cars stolen so long as they reported it first.
It also wouldn’t apply to car dealerships if a driver took one of the cars for a test drive.