(KXNET) — They tried it two years ago, but the issue ran out of gas. So, this year, North Dakota lawmakers are once again trying to raise the speed limit.

House Bill 1475 would raise the speed limit on the interstate from 75 to 80 miles an hour.

West Fargo representative Ben Koppelman wrote the bill, which has nine co-sponsors.

The matter was voted on in the 2021 session but failed in the House.

“Being that there’s a prevalent speed of close to 80 miles an hour, highway studies would use the 85% rule, which states that if 85% of the motorists are already driving that speed, you should raise the speed limit so you get all motorists within a range of speed so there’s not as much of a differential,” Representative Koppelman said.

House Bill 1475 was put on the floor calendar for Friday but hasn’t yet been voted on.

The last time the interstate speed limit was raised happened in 2003.