(KXNET) — Monday afternoon, North Dakota lawmakers said ‘no’ to a series of proposed gun bills at the Capitol.

First, House Bill 1404 would have allowed more freedom to carry a concealed weapon on a college campus, and House Bill 1483 was seeking to legalize concealed carry in a government building or a courthouse. Both of those bills failed by a 32-61 margin.

House Bill 1194 was asking lawmakers to approve allowing military veterans to concealed carry in schools and churches to provide added security, and failed 26-67.

“I can list off about 10 functions in the military that don’t require any gun training at all,” stated Representative Todd Porter, “and I can list a bunch more that don’t require pistol training. Just having military certification doesn’t mean you’re qualified to be this person either.”

In addition to these three carrying bills, two more bills regarding knife carrying and gun ownership were also denied.

House Bill 1479 was seeking protection to conceal and carry knives and failed 28-65. House Bill 1401, a bill that would have prevented certain people deemed to be an extreme risk from owning a gun, failed 33-60.

On Monday, House lawmakers passed an amended House Bill 1341, which will study legal cases for the next two years to consider if people will be allowed to conceal carry at the state capitol.