(KXNET) — All of that snow isn’t just a pain in your back to shovel, it’s also expensive. It’s some of the heaviest winters for snowfall many counties have seen in a year, and North Dakota legislators are looking for ways they can pay back small towns and counties that cover the cost of snow removal.

State emergency managers say FEMA will only cover 48 hours for a snow emergency.

Senate Bill 2183 would provide $25 million in emergency snow removal grants that could be given to tribal governments, counties, cities, and townships.

This bill says that if a town or county is over 150% more than a typical year’s snow budget, it could be paid back up to 60% of the cost by the state. Lawmakers are considering raising that threshold to 200%, but state leaders say fewer counties and townships would qualify for funding.

“At the 150% threshold, it’s 21 out of 28,” said Homeland Security Director, Darin Hanson. “Some are still able to make it — it’s just a matter of how generous the house and senate want to be.”

If passed, the state would have until June 30 to give out the reimbursement money.