(KXNET) — This session, North Dakota Senate lawmakers got an earful after voting ‘no’ to a plan to help fund school lunches for low-income students.

This week, lawmakers are trying once again to keep that issue alive.

In a floor vote on Thursday night, House lawmakers voted ‘yes’ to adding $6 million to Senate Bill 2284, which covers school district formula payments.

As we previously reported, the $6 million was proposed as a grant, which could be awarded by the superintendent of public instruction.

The bill passed 76-16 on the house floor on Thursday night.

“They can’t learn. There’s all kinds of information on that, there’s all kinds of research on that. Kids do not learn, especially in the K-3rd grade area if they come to school hungry,” Rep. Pat Heinert of Bismarck said.

So far, senate lawmakers have not voted on the changes to the bill.