NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — Making sure everyone in the state has a voice and a platform to share it with, a new partnership is forming.

The North Dakota News Cooperative, or NDNC, announced that Forum Communications, the North Dakota Broadcasters Association, and the North Dakota Petroleum Council are all co-founders of the new North Dakota Poll.

The North Dakota Poll is set to be a new public opinion research service conducted by the NDNC.

The survey will include job approval ratings for a variety of North Dakota elected officials and governmental entities along with the public’s reaction to specific ballot measure provisions that are being proposed.

“We’re trying to inject the views of citizens, regular citizens into what we cover rather than just the politicians as we attempt to bring more journalism about North Dakota to North Dakotans,” said NDNC Co-chair, Steve Andrist.

KX News also spoke with Petroleum Council President, Ron Ness, who says the new partnership will provide the opportunity to learn about public opinion.

Along with publishing results in North Dakota newspapers, the hope is that more voices will be able to be heard, on many different types of issues.

“The Petroleum Council is proud to support something listening to the people of North Dakota on important issues facing us in next year’s election or issues going forward,” said Ness.

So how will this work exactly?

“A national polling agency that has a good reputation nationally, they’re doing the polls, they’re conducting the polls. With scientific methods, current modern scientific methods that use digital connections with readers or whatnot readers, but with citizens who have indicated that they’re willing to accept these sorts of calls, in a number of different ways,” said Andrist.

For example:

“Well, just like you see an Iowa poll, you have a continuous tracking of the people of Iowa. I would say North Dakota poll, we’re going to be able to track key issues going forward and have some constant reference. That’s a trusted media source in order to do this. So it’ll be I think it’d be good information for the people in North Dakota and, and good news, frankly,” said Ness.

Then the data from the polls will be available for use by local journalists to help deep dive into pieces and give the citizens of North Dakota a voice.

The first North Dakota Poll will be launched on November 5, exactly one year before the 2024 general election. Results are expected to be released, statewide, starting November 14.