NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — Several law enforcement agencies in our state have vacancies, and filling these roles has proven to be difficult.

But some organizations have put a lot of effort into recruiting people and keeping them too.

The Burleigh County Sheriff’s office currently has about 60 officers in their force. And they are happy to report, as of last Friday, they only have one vacancy they are looking to fill.

Most recruits also choose to stay with the Sheriff’s office.

Sergeant Carvell is involved with the recruitment process, and he says they are much better off than other departments in our state. All thanks to the environment they create.

“I think the culture of any workplace is going to make or break that department, that business, that organization. If you can’t come to work with a positive attitude and be proactive in your work, I think it shows,” said Burleigh County Sheriff’s Department Administrative Sergeant, Sgt. Elliot Carvell.

He says one effective way to get recruits is to build relationships and provide internships with students who are interested in this field.

Networking with the next generation has helped immensely for Burleigh County.