NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — North Dakota saw a low voter turnout for the 2022 midterm election cycle.

Statewide, the Secretary of State’s Office says that nearly 43% of eligible voters in the state voted in this year’s election.

This means a little over 240,000 people voted out of the nearly 565,000 people that could vote in North Dakota.

The Secretary of State says his office has observed that what is on the ballot is usually what drives people to vote.

“What we have always maintained in our office is that we do everything possible to educate voters on the process of voting, we don’t concentrate on encouraging people to go out and vote. We’ve always felt that that is the job for the political parties, the candidates, people who are for or against measures to encourage people to come out and vote,” said Al Jaeger, the North Dakota Secretary of State.

In Burleigh county, nearly 50% of eligible people voted. And in Ward, about 33% of eligible voters cast their ballots.