NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — The mosquito population is on the rise in our state.

Due to the recent weather, the mosquito population is on the rise.

North Dakota already reported its first case of West Nile virus, and now people want to know how to keep their families safe.

“Mosquitoes, their breeding ground is water, so whenever there is standing water, whenever there is moisture in the air, moisture in the grass, that’s just going to. It’s a perfect disastrous recipe for mosquitoes,” said co-owner of Mosquito Joe, Karin Unhjem.

First, you can prevent the breeding of mosquitoes in your yard by removing as much standing water as you can.

Places that will need attention are your gutters and your grass.

Humid climates are where mosquitoes prefer to live and lay their eggs.

“Standing water is your worst enemy. So, it only takes a small bottle cap full of water to hatch 100 to 200 mosquitoes. So any time it rains you need to walk around your yard and dump any little bit of standing water and make sure that’s gone,” added Unhjem.

If the weather remains this hot and humid, you can expect the mosquito population to rise even more.

“With the three, four, five nights a week, a little bit of rain every night and then the warm humid days, the population is just going to continue to grow,” said Unhjem.

Co-owner at Mosquito Joe, Karin Unhjem, says removing the standing water will really make a big difference.

Mosquito Joe says if you feel you have done all the right steps and still have a problem, contact your local mosquito control.