NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — North Dakota will receive millions of dollars from the vaping company known as JUUL after an investigation found the company misled North Dakotans.

The results of the investigation showed that JUUL misled customers about their nicotine content and marketed towards underaged people with free samples and various flavors.

It also showed the company marketed toward the younger generation with free samples and various enticing flavors.

“Really aggressive advertising, giveaways, the use of social influencers,” said Attorney General Drew Wrigley. “All the modern marketing techniques that get used for good purposes as well. But what this litigation focused on was the use of that, modern marketing techniques to target and potentially exploit young users.”

The company will pay more than $438 million dollars to 34 states and territories over the next six to ten years. North Dakota will receive over $6 million.