NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — According to North Dakota sees the least amount of tourists than any other state, but tourism is still an important industry in our state.

And this year, our state made some improvements.

North Dakota has everything, we have hiking, skiing, history, wildlife, and more.

There are endless sites and attractions to see across this state. From dinosaur bones to the Lewis and Clark trail there’s something for everyone.

And more and more tourists are coming.

And with the Canadian border opening up more and more this year, our neighbors to the North have been eager to make the trip down.

And that’s not all, North Dakota has seen more than just Canadians visit our state too.

“The larger cities from Minneapolis and such, that’s probably our first state, although we do get a lot of them that are coming from the Eastern part of North Dakota also. We’ve had a big influx from Illinois and that Chicago area, and again that reflects the tourism division has marketed to,” said Executive Director of Dickinson Convention and Visitors Bureau, Terri Thiel.

Some cities, like Dickinson, have seen about a 13% increase in tourism, especially looking at the lodging tax and occupancy percentage numbers.

These increases are almost comparable to pre-pandemic tourism numbers.

“We’re getting kind of close to that comparable of 2019 that really was kind of a stellar year for everybody across the state. So those increases are just gradually coming back,” added Thiel.

Having to compete with vacation hotspots such as Florida and California, can be a challenge, but Thiel believes North Dakota offers something that other states don’t.

Take Dickinson for instance, it has a beautiful national park, and world-famous dinosaur fossil digs in its own backyard. It’s something more and more Americans are discovering.

Plus, lots of people from all financial backgrounds can come and enjoy their time here.

“North Dakota is a very affordable place for a vacation so, I think we’ve seen a real good climb because of that affordability and then also all the different things that we have to offer really across the state,” stated Thiel.

From Medora to the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library which will be completed in 2026, North Dakota is taking great leaps to continue the increase in visitors to our state.

One nickname for our state is “Heaven on Earth,” we as North Dakotans know it, but each year, more and more people are finding this out too.

Tourists are not just out-of-staters either.

North Dakota is a big state, and we’re marketing from one end to the other as well, and top to bottom.

This helps keep money in our state to help us grow as a community across the board.