NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — Open enrollment for Medicare Part-D is now available until December 7 and coverage starts January 7, 2024.

It’s not just for people shopping for the first time, it’s for current members as plans need to be renewed every year.

If you do not renew you will not have coverage.

There are also additional voluntary benefit plans to help cover the cost of prescription drugs.

They say members can enroll on their own but they offer a free and confidential counseling service as well.

The shopping and counseling process is done by phone or a teams meeting as there are no in-person meetings.

In addition, the counselors are employees or volunteers for the state; they are unbiased and do not represent any company.

“Well, for shopping for Medicare Part D, the biggest thing people should be prepared for is having their list of medications. The list of medications really dictates how these plans respond to them. And what is covered at what rates,” said Jon Arnold, the deputy insurance commissioner for the North Dakota Insurance Department.

They recommend you do your research even if your plan has not changed because there could be a plan that has benefits that your current plan does not have.