NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — Do you know how prepared our hospitals in North Dakota are?

They are very prepared, but that comes with quite a bit of training. And one grant just made that essential training a whole lot easier.

The Health Resources and Services Administration’s Asper Hospital Grant program will provide the proper training for the special medical machines.

ND Hospital Association received these machines years ago, but training health experts require more funding.

And Heartland Consulting will help with training them.

The grant will allow the consulting firm to go to all hospitals, big and small, across North Dakota.

“What they have done is regionalized it, and went throughout the state in six or eight locations at a time and had other rural hospitals drive to those areas so that they can benefit from the training as well so that everybody has the opportunity to take it,” said Derek Hanson.

Among other topics, this training will cover victim decontamination, personal protective equipment, and how to receive a large number of patients all at once during an emergency.