NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — Across his campaign trail, Governor Doug Burgum has expressed his stance on China, that they are an enemy.

KX spoke with the first vice chairmen of the NDGOP, who agrees that it’s important to consider our relationships with foreign countries when it comes to business ventures.

John Trandem says being cautious and not doing business with enemies of our country will protect us as a nation.

He shares that whoever ends up at the table post-election needs to do what’s best for America.

Working with countries that empower the United States needs to be at the forefront.

“That’s what we need to focus on. If the ultimate, or eventual result of partnering with Germany, for example, is more American jobs and more American products, and more American exports, that’s a positive thing. I don’t think we need to do it just for the sake of building a global economy,” said Trandem. 

Later this month, reporter Adrienne Oglesby will be doing a political round table discussion, beginning with our state’s Dem NPL party.