(KXNET) — Are you a pet parent? If so, you must celebrate!

April 30 is National Pet Day and according to a survey by TopCashBack.com, 72% of Americans currently have fur babies.

For the survey, nearly 2,000 people were asked questions about being a pet parent.

Out of everyone that was surveyed, 93% of people said that they either have a pet or have owned a pet in the past, and of those, 69% rescued or adopted their pet.

12% of people said they were convinced to get a pet by friends or family members.

Dogs are by far the most popular pet, coming in with 69% of owners. Cats were the second most popular. Other pets that are owned include fish, birds, reptiles, amphibians, hamsters/guinea pigs, rabbits, and horses.

Nearly half of pet parents admit to spending anywhere between $50-$100 on a single pet each month — this includes food, treats, accessories, toys, and clothing, but excludes veterinarian expenses.

There were two important questions: if you could switch places with your pet for a day, would you, and if you could take your pet everywhere, would you?

58% of people would switch places for a day, and 63% of people would take their pets everywhere if they could.

The top three responses after being asked their favorite thing about their pet were that the pet lowers stress, the owner never feels lonely, and the owner has a “no questions asked” companion.

And the top three responses about what they wish their pet would stop doing? Barking, scratching, and surprisingly, 25% of people wouldn’t change anything.

You can view the full survey here.