Porch Pirates Don’t Just Strike During the Holidays

State News

WDAY (Fargo)– Porch pirates usually pop up around the holiday season, but packages can actually be stolen from your doorstep any time of the year.

A recent incident in a neighborhood in West Fargo is making people more cautious about packages being left on their front porches.

Neighbors say they see more package thefts during the holidays because there are more deliveries. But, they tell us stealing would be easier in the summer due to the hotter weather.

These cautious homeowners tell us what they’re doing to counter the thefts.

West Fargo resident Liz Jagol says, “I would probably ask that my packages, I would pick them up and not be delivered if I’m going to be gone for a long period of time. I would not trust them to be left on my doorstep.”

Bismarck Police say thieves generally strike when you are away at work or school, so they have no trouble walking up to your front door to steal a package.

Officers recommend changing the delivery times for when you’re certain you’ll be home to greet the delivery person.

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