NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — North Dakota is set to receive $6 million after an investigation showed the e-cigarette company JUUL misled customers about its nicotine content and marketing toward kids.

So just how prevalent is vaping in North Dakota, and is vaping really “helping” people to quit smoking, as the vaping industry claims?

According to the North Dakota Department of Health and Human Services, that depends on your definition of “quit.”

They say many people merely transfer products, and these products all have nicotine, which is addictive.

According to the data, more adults in the state now vape than smoke.

“These are people who may have never considered smoking, who are now vaping, who are addicted to nicotine because a lot of the vaping products starting with JUUL had the means to modify the chemical make-up of the products to make them more addictive, so we’re seeing people with a serious nicotine addiction,” said Neil Charvat, Tobacco Prevention and Control program director.

Charvat says whether you use cigarettes, vaping, cigars, or chew, it’s still nicotine.

The addiction is there, and it will never go away unless you treat it.

“We are seeing an increase in adults and youth who want to quit vaping and find you just don’t stop because it’s the nicotine addiction. It hasn’t been any easier to quit, it’s still that same addiction,” said Charvat.

Charvat says not to give up, as it can take multiple attempts to quit.

If you would like to end a nicotine addiction, contact your healthcare provider.