NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — When the power goes out because of snow or ice, generators help keep the power flowing to your house or business.

According to a news release, Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI) is reminding people to stay safe when using generators.

“Not having power when you need it is frustrating, so a generator can provide emergency backup power at a reasonable cost,” said Kris Kiser, president and CEO of OPEI. “It’s important to follow all manufacturer’s instructions, and never place a generator in your garage or inside your home or building. It should be a safe distance from the structure and not near an air intake.”

Use these tips when you have to use a generator:

  • Take stock of the generator
  • Review the directions
  • Install a battery-operated carbon monoxide detector in the house
  • Have the right fuel on hand
  • Make sure portable generators have plenty of ventilation
  • Keep the generator dry
  • Only add fuel to a cool generator
  • Plug in safely
  • Install a transfer switch
  • Do not use a generator to “backfeed” power into the home electrical system