(KXNET) — This week, North Dakota lawmakers are considering more ideas for making sure every boy and girl is fed at school.

House Bill 1491 would provide money to the superintendent of public instruction to give grants to schools for meals for students.

The money was first proposed at nearly $90 million, but lawmakers have since lowered that to $6 million.

It would help pay for breakfast and lunch for students who are at or below 200% of the federal poverty level.

“It makes those from 135 from the free meals, up to 200 for the reduced,” explained Representative Pat Heinert. “It doesn’t give them all free meals, it adds 15% to the salary line item. They still have to file the paperwork for the 135 for the free meals. The filed paperwork would go towards the free and reduced.”

To qualify for the new meal grants, a school would need to apply to the superintendent of public instruction’s office. So far, the bill has not been voted on.