(KXNET) — Two new bills related to wind energy projects are drawing some criticism at the state capitol.

Representative Anna Novak put forward two bills on Thursday morning discussing future energy projects in the state.

House Bill 1315 requires that the state public service commission consider ‘reliability, integrity, or resilience’ when deciding if they’ll approve future wind projects.

Opponents argue wind isn’t sustainable enough to replace either oil or coal as a power source.

“And by doing that, we’ve gone from an area with excess transmission capacity to an area with some of the worst transmission congestion problems in the nation,” Public Service Commission Chairman Randy Christmann said.

“We need to be very careful not to add broad language that can be used to confuse and complicate the permitting of energy infrastructure that could pave the way for legal challenges,” Public Service Commissioner Julie Fedorchak said.

House Bill 1512 would also limit where certain wind farms could be built unless more approval is granted from landowners and more information is shared beforehand.