Tax extensions are available until Oct. 15, but they must be requested Monday.

With the blizzard recently sweeping through North Dakota, some appointments with accountants have been canceled, leading to plenty of concerned taxpayers.

Not to worry, though: Shareholder Jeremy Ulmer of Brady Martz and Associates says that although accountants are busy, they can still help out.

“There’s still time to get these extensions filed,” said Ulmer. “I know for a lot of people, filing their taxes is very stressful, and if you did wait until the last, day, just get ahold of a tax professional, there are plenty that will have time to file that extension for you.”

Accountants are still available to deal with any concerns, and there are also websites where one can file their own taxes for free.

It’s important to note, though, that the extension only applies to federal taxes.

The due date for state taxes is separate and has been extended to April 24.