NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — In years past, there have been many warnings surrounding poisoned candy or candy with sharp objects inside.

But, this year, there are growing concerns over a new element that could be lurking inside your Halloween bucket, rainbow fentanyl.

The month of October is the beginning of many fun fall activities like trips to the pumpkin patch, dressing up as your favorite superhero, and trick or treating.

However, it’s also the perfect time to focus on safety, when it comes to indulging in those sweet, seasonal treats.

Especially when kids are going door to door for candy on Halloween night.

“For decades there’s always been some kind of concern about something being wrong or Halloween candy being altered in some manner. Whether it’s razor blades or tacks or poisons of some kind. And it seems like this year the idea that is catching fire is rainbow fentanyl is going to be incorporated into candy. We have no intelligence that would suggest that rainbow fentanyl has been a large problem in North Dakota. To kind of counter this concern if you’re going to go trick or treating or your children are going to go trick or treating take them to places you know, neighbors you’re aware of,” said Aaron Moss, community outreach officer for the Minot Police Department.

Even though rainbow fentanyl hasn’t been widely present in North Dakota, it’s important to follow some important steps before children dig into their treats.

Experts recommend parents tell their kids not to accept anything that isn’t commercially wrapped.

And in turn, parents need to inspect these commercially wrapped treats for signs of tampering like discoloration, pinholes, or tears in wrappers.

“Once we get home, they dump it out and we go through and see if anything opened or just looks out of the ordinary,” said Taylor Ramsdell, a Minot mother of three.

Law enforcement recommends other parents do the same.

Officer Moss agrees fentanyl is a danger, but it’s not likely that dealers will target children during the Halloween holiday.

Even so, he adds it’s important to always err on the side of caution to ensure the safety of your children.

He said, “Ultimately we want everybody to have just have a safe and enjoyable time, like every year. And just following some basic common sense guild lines when it comes to individual safety and looking out for each other, we’ll get there together.”

Another concern during Halloween night is traffic safety, especially for the smaller, younger kids.

Law enforcement recommends they wear bright colors and carry lights to make them more visible.