NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — Just like the last winter storm that caused Bismarck to accumulate 18 inches of snow, it’s easy to be snowed in. So, it’s important for people who are recovering from addiction to stay weather aware.

“We are in North Dakota, even if you are not a betting person, you can almost guarantee we are going to get snow storms,” said Brianna Krause, director of the opioid treatment program at Heartview Foundation.

Experts suggest keeping up with your regular routine as much as possible.

“Even if we are not going to make it to work or we are not able to go to school,” said Krause. “Whatever it is that takes up the majority of our day still doing those little things kinda helps us keep a sense of normalcy.”

Boredom and stress are two of the main triggers for those recovering from addiction.

A good thing to do to keep those triggers at bay is to keep your mind occupied by doing activities.

“Again it could be drawing for a little bit, or writing, workbooks or even just reading can kind of help. To buy some of that time,” said Layn Sabot, director of day treatment at Heartview Foundation.

Isolation can be scary for those who are in recovery, but experts say it’s important to remember you won’t be snowed in forever.

“If you are snowed in or having a stressful situation and you are wanting to use or drink, feelings are temporary, even if it is a really difficult moment, it will pass,” said Sabot.

The Heartview Foundation says they work hard to keep their doors open during these winter storms, and they have resources available for those who get snowed in.

There are also several resources online that people can take advantage of.