(KXNET) — A Grand Forks lawmaker says it’s time for the state to get more serious about cases of domestic violence.

Representative Zachary Ista brought forward three criminal bills to the house floor on Thursday.

Lawmakers passed House Bill 1268 which would add stalking to a list of domestic violence offenses and would add more protection to victims who file for a restraining order.

House Bill 1269 would create a mandated intervention program for domestic violence offenders and provide a penalty.

“With regard to stalking, we know it’s often the canary in the coal mine as to future harm to come,” Representative Ista said. “And it’s also a way that domestic abusers continue to victimize loved ones, intimate partners after a court has acted on a version of physical violence.”

Thursday, lawmakers are also considering House Bill 1429, which deals with presumptive probation involving people who are convicted of a crime.