JAMESTOWN, ND, (KXNET) – The Bureau of Reclamation will begin repairs on the concrete floor of the Jamestown Dam outlet works stilling basin starting on September 1.

The main components of the work will include constructing a cofferdam downstream of the outlet works to unwater the stilling basin, removing the damage done to the existing concrete floor surface, and placing new reinforced concrete.

In anticipation of the start date, the reservoir’s elevation will be lowered from the top of the joint use pool, elevation 1431.0 feet, to near the base of the flood control pool, elevation 1429.8 feet.

The repair work is estimated to take about two months, with portions of the area to be closed to the public for safety reasons.

During the repair work, no releases will be made from the dam.

For additional information please contact Nathan Kraft at (701) 221-1254.