(KXNET) — Over the last few months, many items have gone up in price — and that includes the price of fuel.

Diesel has been steadily increasing in price, and many people depend on it, including truck drivers.

According to AAA, on Wednesday, the average cost of diesel in North Dakota is nearly $6. A year ago, it was a little over $3.

“We have a fuel card, it’s like a credit card just for fuel, and the drivers use it on the road and then every week that has to be paid. And right now for anywhere from six to eight trucks, it’s about $10,000 a week,” said Kris Johnson, president and owner of All In Trucking.

According to the American Trucking Association, around 97% of trucking companies have 20 trucks or less and these are the companies that are deeply affected by the rise in fuel costs.

“Larger companies just have more bargaining power to increase the rates. It’s just a tougher game when you’re small compared to the large mega-carriers,” said Johnson.

And fuel isn’t the only thing that has increased in price. Inflation could lead to smaller trucking companies with an uncertain future.

“Along with fuel, all the other costs are going through the roof. Insurance is just insane. That’s roughly about $6,000 a month for six to eight trucks. And then driver pay, that has to increase so that a driver can have a decent living,” said Johnson.

And the high costs don’t just affect trucking companies and truck drivers, it also impacts consumers.

Johnson says the increased costs have to be passed on to the consumer.

“It’s really hitting the consumer at the end of the day the hardest because everything you use, or consume, or put on you, or eat, or whatever has been transported in one way or another,” said Johnson.

Johnson says this year to date, his company has already spent nearly $200,000 on fuel.