Roland Riemers running for U.S. House in the June ND primary

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Longtime political candidate Roland Riemers says he is running for the North Dakota U.S. House seat — though, this time, not under the Libertarian banner.

Instead, Riemers announced today he will make an independent run on the June Primary ballot against whoever is endorsed as the Democratic party candidate.

If he wins, he would then face off against the Republican endorsed candidate in the November election.

In his prepared statement today, Riemers gave no reason why he was bypassing the Libertarian endorsement.

Riemers says he decided to run for the U.S. House after Republican Congressman Kelly Armstrong signed on as a co-sponsor to House Resolution 616, which would recognize life at conception and provide the unborn full rights under the 14th Amendment. That Amendment addresses citizenship rights and equal protection under the law.

“H.R. 616 is very similar to  Measure 1, the 2014 Life at Conception measure that, although strongly supported by North Dakota Republican leaders, was still soundly defeated by 63 percent of  North Dakota voters,” Riemers notes in his statement.

Riemers also supports the elimination of Obama Care, saying medical care “is not an expressed duty or obligation of the federal government.”

Riemers first ran for state political office in 2012, when he was a Libertarian and, later, an independent candidate for governor.

He ran as a Libertarian candidate for Secretary of State in 2014, State Auditor in 2016 and Secretary of State in 2018.

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