NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — A judge has until the end of the week to decide if a ballot measure for term limits in North Dakota will move on.

On Tuesday morning, Burleigh County District Court Judge James Hill heard testimony regarding a petition that gathered thousands of signatures to decide if North Dakota lawmakers should be limited to two terms or eight years in office.

Secretary of State Al Jaeger testified on his decision to reject thousands of signatures gathered by the ‘North Dakota for Term Limits’ sponsoring group.

Jaeger pointed to examples in which a Moorhead address was crossed out and a Fargo address filled in, as well as a notary and a circulator who signed off on the signatures, but those signatures appeared to be in different handwriting.

Attorneys representing the North Dakota for Term Limits group question why Jaeger’s office didn’t contact the notary about the irregularities.

“We do have times where petitions are tossed out because of an internal error,” Jaeger said. “In this case, particularly with one notary, as it relates to four circulators, there was more than one error, there were numerous errors.”

Judge Hill has until this Friday to submit his findings to the state supreme court.

Attorneys are then expected to give oral arguments to the state on Friday, September 2.