NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — In order to qualify for the third Republican primary debate, held November 8 in Miami, supporters are lining up on Governor Burgum’s side.

“So of course, the best, the number one person is Doug Burgum, our governor. I think he’s got the intellect for it. He certainly has the energy for it. He has the right experience for it. I think he’s got the right demeanor for it. He’s very articulate. He’s a very smart, big-brain guy. I think he’s a uniter. So he’s my first pick,” said U.S. Senator Kevin Cramer. 

But Senator Cramer says this is tough, because of the top candidate in the polls.

“It’s hard for me to see a path for anybody in the Republican Party who’s not Donald Trump. He, when I talked to him about five weeks ago, I said, one of the most profound, funny things I’ve ever heard in my life was when you said I’m one indictment away from victory, and that was, that was right after the fourth,” said Cramer. 

He says you have to look at the people’s favorite in an election like this.

“It’s a weird time we’re living in but right now the Democrat’s favorite is Joe Biden, the Republican’s favorite is Donald Trump. It seems like that’s the way it’s shaping up. If that’s the case I want to help Donald Trump be the most successful and best Republican nominee he can be and hopefully help him be a good president again,” said Cramer. 

Back to Doug Burgum, it’s no secret he was upset after the second debate, as the moderators did not call on him to ask about American energy.

Energy is a big part of Burgum’s background and his platform.

“At the same time, Doug is too much of a gentleman to swing his elbows and sharpen them up the way some of them do,” said Cramer. 

Here’s what he says is the problem.

“I think that presidential politics in our country has become entertainment instead of serious policy discussion. And we all watch the debate right after we pop some popcorn and get our favorite drink to go with the popcorn and we watch it like we’re watching a Super Bowl. The reality is it should be a serious family discussion about serious policy matters, not a bunch of yelling and screaming over the top of each other, which I think doesn’t do a lot to instill confidence in the American public, but it’s, like I said, entertaining. I think that’s unfortunate,” said Cramer. 

Burgum will officially be on the ballot in Nevada in 2024 after it was announced on Wednesday that Burgum has filed to be in the First in the West Caucus.

The First in the West Caucus marks a crucial step in shaping the Republican nomination process for President.