(KXNET) — Revisions to North Dakota’s abortion laws cleared the State Senate Tuesday afternoon.

In a 43 to 4 vote, the Senate passed Bill 2150, presented by Senator Janne Myrdal.

Myrdal says the bill helps to clear up language between the state’s trigger ban and the “heartbeat bill” — since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the right to abortion last year.

“It’s great because it is really just a revision of what is already in the books. So I expected it to pass,” said Sen. Myrdal. “I kinda hoped that everyone would have voted for it because again this is not a discussion of what you feel about abortion that’s already on the books. What 2150 does is just clear it up, get the codes straight so that everybody is clear on what the North Dakota law now says.”

The bill would also allow for the treatment of ectopic pregnancies along with allowing abortions for rape and incest six weeks before gestation.