(KXNET) — A Senate Bill is trying to stop a statewide issue and save car owners future headaches.

Catalytic converter theft has been a big problem in our state and Senate Bill 2299 is looking to crack down on the sale of stolen converters.

People have been stealing catalytic converters and selling them separately to the highest bidder.

The bill will enforce detached catalytic converters to have written evidence of ownership.

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This will ensure both the scrap dealer and the seller are held accountable for their actions, also making sellers easier to track down if the converter is listed as stolen.

“I believe it’s going to be pretty well received across the aisle. I think it’s a very possible bill on both sides, hopefully when that happens, if it happens we get a sanction from the Governor and we can put an end to this,” said State Senator, Shawn Vedaa.

The Senator says this bill can be heard on the Senate floor as early as Friday or Monday.