(KXNET) — Senate Bill 2384 is a bill prohibiting the use of vaccines developed using MRNA.

Kari Roller used to be a nurse and is in support of Bill 2384.

“I’ve watched a lot of videos of doctors and scientists on studies of MRNA,” Roller stated, “and have come out to speak against the MRNA technology and the effects it’s had on people.”

According to Lisa Pulrabek, a supporter of the bill, MRNA is a type of single-stranded RNA that creates synthetic proteins.

Proteins in the human body break down, but some scientists are finding that synthetic proteins — like those in the vaccines — take longer to break down.

“Many have taken the vaccine to ‘do the right thing’,” continued Roller, “to protect grandma and grandpa, and they have suffered devastating effects from it.”

Roller says she saw firsthand how a vaccine developed with MRNA technology has impacted people. Roller was a nurse for seven years and administered thousands of vaccines to patients.

Doctor Chris Meeker, a chief medical officer at Sanford, spoke in opposition to the bill.

“When you look at all the side effects people mentioned with vaccines,” argued Dr. Meeker, “There is not a single side effect of that vaccine that is not more common than with COVID itself.”

Dr. Meeker states that data supports MRNA vaccines as being overwhelmingly safe. However, Senator Jeff Magrum of District 8 says there still needs to be more research done on these types of vaccines.

“We need to check these things out before they start giving shots to our children,” Sen. Magrum stated.